Chasing the uphill dream.....
These two young men are Zakayo Nderi and Samwel Mwangi. They come from a tiny spot on the planet called Eldoret in Kenya. And it is a remarkable place because half of all the world’s marathon champions come from that one tiny spot.
They have the heart, lungs and legs of marathoners, but all they want to be are the first professional black African cyclists in the world. And in August this year, they will be going to Alpe d’Huez in France to do a timed ascent.
Why, you may ask? In 2004, there was an individual time trial up that mountain in the Tour de France. Out of 155 riders, Lance Armstrong won it in 39’41” and the tenth placed time was 42’08”.  Zakayo and Mwangi intend to finish in a time somewhere between those two times. Just to show they belong among them.
Until now, there has not been a single black African in the Tour de France. Or in pro cycling. Not one. So meet Zakayo and Mwangi.  All they want is an opportunity to prove themselves.